Safe Taxi In Scottsdale

Only Qualified and Experienced Chauffeurs

Strict Safety & Maintenance Schedule

Our chauffeurs are practiced commercial drivers who understand the importance of providing safe and reliable taxi in Scottsdale service.. We make sure that they are all properly qualified and tested and that they know their way around not only the city but also their vehicle. All vehicles are properly inspected & tested and follow a strict safety & maintenance schedule. All of our drivers must pass regular random drug tests and we re-check background history and driving records on a frequent basis. Our highly trained, mature (all over the age of 25) professional drivers all speak fluent colloquial English and have comprehensive working knowledge of the Phoenix Metro area. All our drivers will provide courteous and efficient service to all of our clients, and are properly licensed and authorized by the city, the state and the Department of Transport.

We strive to be the best in the business with the best drivers in the world, and we choose out drivers with that in mind. Just having a driver’s license is not sufficient for employment at Gold Starr Transport. All our drivers undergo extensive driver training, and we demand from our drivers the best in professionalism, customer service, courtesy and attitude, consequently not all who apply are cut out to drive for Gold Starr Transport.

All of our drivers, without exception, are fully licensed by the state and fully authorized to drive For Hire. They are comprehensively insured with the relevant commercial insurance and authorized by the Department of Transport. We run regular criminal background checks to ensure we know who we are really dealing with, and all drivers must take a defensive driving course under the certification of the National Safety Council. Gold Starr Transport guarantees that you will enjoy a courteous professional chauffeur every time you ride with us. Our experienced professionals pride themselves on providing courteous efficient transportation to make your trip easy and enjoyable.

At Gold Starr Transport safety is our number one priority. Our record for safe travel is sensational and perfect, with zero accidents since our inception. This is not just a coincidence, it is something we are constantly working on, and when you travel with Gold Starr Transport you can not only rest assured that you are safe hands but our drivers will wait to start the journey until everyone in the vehicle is safely strapped in with their seat belt. Our experienced, professional drivers are well-trained able professionals with many years behind the wheel in For Hire situations. They receive regular training to ensure that they are always operating at their peak, and our vehicles are serviced according to a strict maintenance schedule.