Customers are allowed to ride with their pets in our cabs. However, a customers is allowed to bring only one pet irrespective of their sizes or breed. Also, small pets should be put in a carrier while big ones should be held with a leash. Customers must agree to keep our cabs clean to avoid being charged for cleaning.


Families are important and at Gold Starr Transport, we cherish them. Hence, our customers can book rides from our company with their kids. People who want to ride win us should indicate the need for a cab with a baby seat. This will let our company prepare for them.


Our company makes sure that refund is made when necessary. We also have a few exceptions to making refunds to customers. If customers book a ride and we cancel because of storm, fog or other issues, we shall refund the exact amount for order.

If a customer cancels after ordering a ride, we shall only refund if the ride was booked 1-2 days prior. Daily rides cancelled do not attract refunds. Payments made to drivers can’t be refunded. All payments should be made on our company’s website.