Get to know us


Gold Starr Transport is the number one taxi/cab service in Scottsdale. As a transport company, we aim to give everyone a memorable experience when it comes to conveying our clients to their points of duties, families, and events.

Above making profit from this service, our company holds customer relations in high esteem. This serves as our watchword as we relate with all our customers. We take pride in the exquisite services we offer to our customers. Our fleet of  cars are carefully selected to suit each person’s reason for hire and pocket size.

To ensure that we give as much as we should to our customers, we see that every member of the transport company understands interpersonal relationships and important safety measures. In addition to this, our drivers undergo series of trainings to maintain safety of passengers. Here, we make our customers first, while our company comes next.

Our Mission

To give everyone, irrespective of class or pocket size, a memorable experience that comes with hiring a ride

Our Vision

Becoming the most-sought and customer-oriented transport company.